We Do What we Know

Tint Man Window Tinting has been building relationships with customers, and providing them with quality service for the past ten years. Our company is fully owned and operated and does not compromise integrity and quality.

With years of experience, our company’s knowledge and industry leadership is unparalleled. you will appreciate the ease of our installation and the low maintenance of our work.

Tint Man Window Tinting is here for you…..

Car window tinting series

100% Accurate Fit

Our “micro-edge” film cut technology makes tint film application quick, flawless, and ready to apply! Our tints look amazing and will always be a perfect fit.


Quick Installation

Tintman Window Tinting provides our clients with quick and professional installation. We make sure every finished job looks great and you are satisfied.



All of our tints are completely customized to fit your expectations. Whatever percent tint you want we will install it for you. Need help figuring this out? We will answer all of your questions.

What Our Customers Say

The Tint Man, Pito has tinted all my vehicles and has done a fantastic job, with quality X-Sun products. Years have past since my first car tint and it is still perfect. There are no bubbles, or blurry view, as I see from substandard tints found in the do-yourself market.

Jesus Verdejo Jr.

Great guy!! Pito is one of guy that is all about perfection and satisfying customers in anything about his job! Great person to talk to and his work is amazing! No bubbles and I’ve seen people that do them have crazy bubbles because they don’t care for their job. But when it comes to the man pito, I’d refer him to everyone looking for a tint job!! You’d be amazed and great pricing too!!

Raphael Agudelo

I was coming to the Kissimmee area on vacation driving down from New Jersey. I decided to Google Tint spots in the area. Pito shop came up and I called him to make an appointment for a Saturday. He told me he normally don't work on Saturday, but since I was going to be in town and didn't have no other time he did it. His work is tremendous. Good price as well. I recommend him anytime.

Dwayne Ward